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        Lighting market in the present, although the number of enterprises increased year by year, but for consumers, the brand name for having heard it many times only then two or three, the situation in the industry is relatively low and the intensification of the market competition in the market environment, lighting enterprises want talent shows itself in the many brands, the need to strengthen its own brand building.
        Lighting competition changes, the enterprise brand gradually concentrated. Lighting industry in China after nearly thirty years of historical precipitation, and now the lighting market and more than 20 years ago, compared to the lighting market, all aspects of the earth shaking changes have taken place. For a long time, the lamp market many brands in the market are rising, feudal lords vying for the throne, the occasion, regardless of the size of the enterprise, can slice, day also moist. But in the context of economic restructuring and the new normal, the integration of the industry is accelerating, the brand is to focus.
        With the urbanization of foreign brand lamps after years of accumulation, has been squeezed out a considerable number of small brands in the market, while domestic enterprises brand is rapidly concentrated, some small brands have disappeared, its market share is the annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan of the brand food, great changes have taken place in the entire lighting industry competition pattern. In order to become one of the pattern changes after the final survive a few brands, enterprises must find a lamp in the operation of the brand.新澳门葡京网址

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