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  • Changes in the pattern of competition

        Lighting market in the present, although the number of enterprises increased year by year, but for consumers, the brand name for having heard it many times only then two or three, the situation in the industry and the market is more sluggish

  • 澳门葡京备用网址

    Heating installation: less routine, more attention

        There are two kinds of people in life, a kind of complicated things simple, and the other is good at making simple things complicated These two kinds of people in China, has a long history of the source of history For example, hours

  • Double eleven Festival ahead of sales, in October the global LED bulb prices fel

        TrendForce set of State Science and technology s LED industry research brand LEDinside (LED online) latest price report pointed out that due to the double eleven Shopping Festival is about to come, part of the brand in advance promotion, China L


  • 新澳门葡京官方网站

    LED lighting market next year will increase by 30 in the industrial chain Xinlia

        According to research firm LEDinside expects 2015 global LED lighting output will reach 25 billion 700 million U S dollars, accounting for 313 of the total output value of the market is expected next year, the European production capacity will be account

  • Module radiator selection

        When selecting a radiator, the following factors must be taken into account: the working current of the module to determine the required cooling area; the use of the environment, according to which can determine what cooling way — — natural cooling

  • Technical specification for heat sink extrusion

        A high density, for the teeth and tongue than large mold test, the first bar must be 150-200mm short aluminum rod or pure aluminum rod Two, before the trial mode, must adjust the good extrusion center, extrusion axis, spindle tube and die

  • Buy a light bulb "lumen" or lighting standard

        For more than a century, buy a light bulb is a fairly straightforward and clear the transaction — — people from the marked on the packaging to determine the number of tiles to buy what kind of bulb But the United States from the beginning of this yea

  • The essential difference between copper and aluminum composite with cast iron ra

        The radiator section of the heating industry the emergence of a variety of main materials: cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, copper and aluminum composite radiator, and other materials, different materials have different characteristics



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